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The Barry Manilow of mathematics


According to Gauss Prize winner Stanley Osher

I write the algorithms that make the computer sing. I’m the Barry Manilow of mathematics.


Is it time for another revision of SystemVerilog?


The chair of the IEEE P1800 working group for SystemVerilog recently sent an email announcing a meeting on Oct. 7, 2014 with this agenda. Of special interest is item 6, as follows

6) P1800 next steps

  • The IEEE has expanded the number of years between required ratification of a standard to 10, we are currently at 2
  • There are a number of standards efforts enhancing specification that are benefiting from SystemVerilog stability
  • There have not been many bug reports or activity on the current standard
    • There has been a few questions around when work will resume
  • What path should we take with respect to remaining on hold, or considering a new PAR


Finally, here’s my attempt at a joke by taking a comment completely out of context