Monthly Archives: June 2013

Clean air mask embedded in automobile roof


When stuck in a traffic jam, wouldn’t it be nice to push a button and have a mask drop down from the automobile roof as in an airplane safety video, place it firmly over your nose and mouth, and breathe in a stream of pure fresh air?

In some cities, you’d probably want that filter mask on the whole time you’re on the road.

Because you’d be filtering only the small amount of air you and your passengers actually breath, instead of all the air in the cabin, then it would be economically justifiable to use a fancy filtering system, and even to fortify it with a little extra oxygen.

Exoskeleton (wearable robot) with EMS (electrical muscle stimulation)


Someday it will be common for senior citizens to compensate for lost strength and stability with an exoskeleton, or in other words, a wearable robot.

When people hear the word ‘exoskeleton’ they, unfortunately, think first of Iron Man, but instead our wearable robots will be inconspicuous, more like polio braces than a flying suit of armor.

I predict that these will also include electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to counter muscular atrophy. The more you use your exoskeleton, the stronger you’ll get, not the weaker you’ll get.

But for that to catch on, we’ll need to find a way to activate the muscles through clothing without directly contacting the skin with electrodes.