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Stable isotopes with power of 2 neutrons


According to Pekka Janhunen, the stable isotopes that have 2n neutrons.

  • He4 Z=2, N=2
  • Li7 Z=3, N=4
  • N15 Z=7, N=8
    O16 Z=8, N=8
  • Si30 Z=14, N=16
    P31 Z=15, N=16
    S32 Z=16, N=16
  • Fe58 Z=26, N=32
    Co59 Z=27, N=32
    Ni60 Z=28, N=32
  • Pd110 Z=46, N=64
    Cd112 Z=48, N=64
    In113 Z=49, N=64
    Sn114 Z=50, N=64