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The final piece of Andrea Rossi’s LENR puzzle


Andrea Rossi confirms as “Correct” the following comment by “Dan C.”

Dear Andrea,

I see where you have devised new materials at where the Quark can operate somewhere around 2700`C.

Is this a natural steady state where the Rossi effect is stabilized(thrives) where it neither tends to spontaneously stop nor tries to runaway without constant monitoring and intervention of the controls.

If so, then the final piece of the puzzle is a long lived material(At least exceeding the life of the fuel charge) to a marketable product.

Wishing you the best.
Dan C.

Autobiography of a banknote


According to Patricia Storace

The beauty ‘Arus al-’Ara’is (“Tale Seven”) is a rather more fearsome prospect: born under the configuration of stars that marked heaven when Adam lost Paradise and when Abel was killed, she is kept locked in a chest for a time by her jinn lover. (The prince of “Tale Seventeen” – “The Tale of the Talisman Mountain” – also finds his queen inside a chest.) Like money, she is infinitely malleable and has no will of her own. She has no interest but self-interest and her power precedes her agency. Her father, angry at their predictions, executes all of the astrologers he has commissioned to forecast his infant daughter’s future, and her fatal force outlives her. Before her execution she asks a servant to purify the pit into which she has been thrown. The purifying liquid turns out to be a magic resin, which bursts into flames and kills all in the council chamber where she was condemned, except for the king, who manages to escape. She brings periods of prosperity, as well as destruction. Her murders satisfy the needs of the moment; in order to conceal from her future bridegroom the fact that she isn’t a virgin, she concocts a scheme by which all the daughters of her father’s court, “every girl who had lived a sheltered life”, is raped, and then arranges for the rapists she has hired, including her lover, to be murdered. Her father and mother compulsively continue to serve her needs, despite her crimes. She eventually causes her parents’ deaths incidentally, as mere collateral damage. It is her mesmeric, mirage-like power to create illusions which gives her power over both men and women, enabling her crimes and making her victims – for the most part – her collaborators. At one point, she offers a future victim a chance at freedom, telling him her story of purposeless, impersonal murders. “If you are content”, she promises him, “you can take me with you in the full knowledge of what I have done, and if you don’t like it, you can go off by yourself.” His appetite for her remains uncontrollable and he promises to abandon his family for her. Arus’s remarkable confession is like the autobiography of a banknote, indifferent to whether it has funded a house purchase or a war.

Hubert Brasier and John Bodkin Adams


According to to a better-than-average conspiracy/innuendo page about Hubert Brasier by Johnny Vedmore, called “Theresa May’s Father: The Serial Killer, The Traveller’s Daughter, and the Cover Ups“,

The following year, in 1953, Hubert became the Chaplain All Saints at Eastbourne Hospital in Sussex. Over the next 6 years he would work alongside the famous serial killer Dr John Bodkin Adams. For those who are unaware of Dr John Bodkin Adams, he was believed to be the Harold Shipman of his age. He would usually prey upon his more elderly patients, convincing them to put him in their wills, of which over 130 complied. They were soon given an injection by Bodkin Adams, and would conveniently pass away of ‘natural causes’ soon after. On review more than 165 of the deaths that Dr Bodkin Adams oversaw were seen as suspicious. The suspicion was not a well kept secret amongst staff at Eastbourne Hospital, most of the nurses had voiced their concerns to their superiors. They were believed to have been ignored on purpose, as the newly founded NHS was considered to be under political threat and a scandal that could see a general practitioner sentenced to death was to be avoided at all cost. The problem was Dr Bodkin Adams just couldn’t stop himself. He was being protected by Lord Gwynne who was believed to be his secret gay lover, and was an extremely well connected politician.

Hubert Brasier would have given last rights to many of those killed by Adams, he may have even taken confession from Bodkin Adams himself, who when asked by the press if he was guilty of stealing from old women said ‘I have made my peace with God over that’.

Plasma-type LENR produces massive amount of muons


According to Axil Axil here

Someone will test the plasma type LENR reaction for muon generation, and when the government finds out that muons are being produced in massive amounts, then the government will take over the LENR tech and produce a thorium based large scale centralized gigawatt level fission power station connected to the power grid. All the LENR developers […] and all their associated investors will lose everything that they have invested in this LENR tech. Before all these developers and investors proceed, it would be prudent to test their systems for muon production.

and here

Muons generate a potpourri of nuclear reactions including muon decay, fusion, fission from muons, and fission from catalyzed neutrons. The trick is to capture those muons so that the energy that they carry can be turned into heat. Currently, most of the energy produced by a LENR reactor is broadcast for miles in all directions with little of that energy being converted to heat. Heavy elements capture muons a million times better than hydrogen, water, your body or air so surrounding a muon source with a lot of heavy elements will produce lots of nuclear reactions generated from sub atomic particle reactions.

In LENR, most of the energy produced is not captured by the reactor. That energy escapes as sub atomic particle emissions and atomic fragments. So capturing this energy will increase the COP from LENR reactors by many orders of magnitude.

We are exposed to muons from space every day and we get along just fine. But as the number of LENR reactors increase, the density of muons broadcast around the countryside will become problematic. Background radiation produced by those excess muons will begin to exceed acceptable limits. This radiation increase will force the government to restrict the prolific use of unshielded LENR reactors. There comes a point where muon pollution just becomes too much. This is why LENR reactors must be shielded by a large amount of heavy elements.