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Cold fusion (LENR) in India


According to M Ramesh

After a few experiments some years ago, the Bhaba Atomic Research Centre, declared the matter as closed. But a group of determined scientists intend crusading for more research.

The most active of them is Dr Mahadeva Srinivasan, a ex-BARC nuclear physicist, who was actively involved in BARC’s experiments, has had a meeting with the Union Power Minister, Piyush Goyal, and is convinced that the government would take the matter forward.

Dr Srinivasan, who has attended every one of the eighteen International Conference on Cold Fusion, is sure that by 2020, E-Cat reactors will be produced in hundreds in India, producing cheap, clean, decentralised power.

LENR devices has the potential to replace oil and to change the global geo-political order in a few year, he says.

Ante Pavelić: another of history’s many monsters who totally got away with it


According to Jonathan Levy And Tom Easton

Ante Pavelić was the original ‘Butcher of the Balkans.” He was the leader of the Nazi puppet government of the “Independent Sate of Croatia” who died peacefully in Madrid in 1959. The mass murderer of 80,000 Jews, 30,000 [Roma], and over 500,000 Serbs survived the Second World War and never faced a war crimes tribunal.

Instead Pavelić was offered sanctuary by the Vatican and became a security advisor to Juan and Eva Perón before retiring to fascist Spain. Key to Pavelić’s survival was the so-called Croatian Treasury, really nothing more than Pavelić personal wealth, the plunder of concentration camps and massacres throughout the Balkans and beyond. Wherever the loyal Ustashe (Croatian Nazis) served Pavelić and Hitler, Orthodox Christian churches and Jewish synagogues were plundered and the property of Serbs, Jews, [Roma], Ukrainians and others were confiscated. The crimes of Pavelić and the Ustashe were so barbaric that even hardened Nazis were disgusted by it.

In the final days of World War II, Pavelić and his inner circle bought and bribed their way to Rome where help was waiting at the Vatican. Pavelić committed genocide on a level far greater than any known before or since in the Balkans but he had been personally received by Pius XII during his reign of terror. The Franciscan Order and Vatican bank eagerly helped launder Pavelić’s loot the proceeds of which were used to establish the so called ratline which helped thousands of Nazis and Ustashe escape to South America.

According to the Simon Wiesenthal Center

The Simon Wiesenthal Center today strongly denounced a memorial mass held yesterday in the center of Zagreb to commemorate the demise of Croatian mass murderer Ante Pavelić, who headed the Independent State of Croatia (NDH) during World War II. In a statement issued here today by its chief Nazi hunter, Holocaust historian Dr. Efraim Zuroff, the Center emphasized the central role played by Pavelić in launching genocidal programs against Serbs, Jews, and Roma in Croatia during World War II, as well as the systematic persecution and murder of Croatian anti-fascists.

According to Zuroff:

“It is hard to believe that in the center of the capital of a member of the European Union, very close to Zagreb’s Jewish community, hundreds of people gathered yesterday to commemorate the memory of one of Europe’s biggest mass murderers. Such a ceremony is an insult to the memory of Pavelić’s hundreds of thousands of innocent victims. It is also a badge of shame for the Catholic Church, which allowed such a ceremony to take place in the Basilica of the Heart of Christ who, had he been alive during World War II, would have been targeted for annihilation as well.

Death from overtime — karoshi


According to Japan Press Weekly

An annual survey conducted by the All Japan Teachers and Staff Union (Zenkyo) indicates that more than half of all public school teachers work at least 80 hours of overtime every month, the government-set danger line for possible karoshi (death from overtime). Figures in the survey included no classroom hours worked on Saturdays.


In August this year, an elementary school teacher in the city was arrested under allegations of sending the city education commission “threatening letters” demanding an end to Saturday classes.

In the “letter”, the teacher wrote that Saturday classes have led to constant fatigue and may cause his death.


University of Tokyo Graduate School of Education Professor Katsuno Masaaki pointed out that imposition of longer school days will produce total exhaustion upon teachers who are already working excessively long hours. “Providing a better teaching environment for teachers, including smaller-sized classes, is essential to improving student achievement,” he stressed.