The road ahead is scorched and barren


According to Pascale Palmer

Millions of people across East Africa are looking down the barrel of the worst famine for 60 years. Thousands of families have picked up their possessions to walk towards what they hope is better pasture land, towards countries that might hold the promise of food.

But what they didn’t and don’t know is that what lies ahead of them is as scorched and barren as their homelands.


These people are poor to begin with – that’s why their only option is walking away from what they know towards something they pray will be better.

Suffering from hunger begets hunger. What I mean by this is that malnutrition leads to poor health, low energy and can hamper full brain development. All of these reduce a person’s ability to work and learn – both of which are lifelines to filling your and your families’ stomachs.


It is simply wrong that so many people go hungry; it is wrong that so many people can’t find a way out of being dirt poor. It is time we, in developed countries, stepped out of our whited sepulchres to do everything within our collective power to improve the lives of millions of people across the poorest countries on the planet – not just in times of humanitarian emergencies, but for good.

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