Could Rossi’s E-Cat be for real?


I’ve been assuming that the much-hyped “E-Cat” would turn out to be a scam.

Now I’m not so sure.

A good place to start would be Mario Menichella’s new book about it. Here’s a book review and interview.

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  1. According to

    The “chopped” AC indicates that the back EMF and the harmonics are at play. Tuning harmonics should be possible by having a tunable capacitor connected to the heating coil; ends of the capacitor to the ends of the coil; the coil would be powered as usual). Changing the capacitance would affect the self-resonance frequency (and the harmonics) of the coil-capacitor circuitry at the “chopping points”. There is an easy formula to calculate the self-resonance frequency of such a system. A series of coils with various inductancies (combined with a range of tunable capacitors) could be used in an experimental design.

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