DNA, water, and diseases not of obvious infectious origin


Luc Montagnier’s recent DNA experiments have been derided by some as pathological science. For example, see here.

I’m not qualified to say. And it hasn’t been accepted for publication yet. The safest bet is usually against anything amazing. But for some reason I’m not ready to count out their data just yet.

If it turns out that the data is accurate, then the following idea from their draft may turn out to be significant, too.

We remark that it is possible to detect the same EMS from the plasma of patients suffering from various infections and chronic diseases. The plasma has to be kept fresh and unfrozen. If the plasma is frozen at −70 ◦C then one must extract the DNA in order to recover the signals. The DNA can be also extracted from tissue biopsies. The list of diseases in which EMS have been found (such as Alzheimer, Parkinson, Multiple Sclerosis, various neuropathies, chronic Lyme syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis) indicate clearly that their presence is not limited to diseases known to be of infectious origin: The fact that EMS have been found in diseases not known be of infectious origin is intriguing, and leads us to seek bacterial or viral factors in these diseases.

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