Phrases, almost random


Waking up early to procrastinate.

Overthinking is really underthinking.

If today were the first day of my life, where would I want to go?

Slamming on the genius brakes.

Regret your dreams. (See also.)

Stop me before I die again.

Don’t be creative, create.

Give me poison milk.

Sign my name in poison ink.

That’s got sanity written all over it.

All of the potential, none of the energy. (See also.)

Staying up late to procrastinate.

4 responses »

  1. Milk of Madnesia may get your creative juices flowing, but probably not the ones you’re hoping for.

    I can teach you to shit faster. Ask me how. (Shit faster with the shit master.)

    Vomiting u-pick berries and sun tea onto thrift-shop linens. (Mixed media.) But is it art?

  2. Nightmarish image for a movie: The back door to your home, a 6-inch step up, slipping off your shoes as you unlock the door. Open the door, and a slow flood of half-coagulated blood flows over the threshold and onto your feet.

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