How Nauru Island “became 80 percent mined-out ruins”


Following up to “Devouring the Earth is a traditional value“.

According to Carl N. McDaniel and John M. Gowdy

At first glance Nauru is just a very clear-cut case of short-sighted misjudgment that could easily have been avoided. Like the entire planet, Nauru’s fate was sealed by greed, corruption, and short-sightedness. The problem and its solution seem obvious: When we are educated to realize the folly of devastating the life-support systems and ravenously consuming the resources that permit human habitation, we will readily change our behavior and will be on the road to sustainability. But, in reality, folly holds the upper hand. Why this is so, as well as why Nauru is a window through which one can see global trajectories into disaster, are the stories we seek to tell.


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