All aboard for Somali goat rice at Jubba of San José


Goat is my favorite mammal meat, and I found a great version at the Ohlone/Chynoweth light rail station.

Jubba Restaurant is a friendly place with lots of parking at the intersection of the 85 and 87 freeways (near Oakridge Mall). The exact address is at the top of the menu. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth it.

The first item is the one you should try. Its English name isn’t correct — it’s not anything like a cutlet, but instead is cut-up little pieces of goat on the bone. All on a bed of wonderfully flavored rice, which was even better than the goat itself.

Don’t order beverages, because they bring you a big cup of fruit nectar on ice, a big cup of ice water, and there’s an urn of hot spiced tea.

The injera is interesting, because it’s not sour like the Ethiopian version, and the texture is a little different — slightly more like crumpet or uttapam. If you order two dishes, maybe try the second with injera. (But not the goat. That would be a form of vandalism.)

Jubba Restaurant


Jubba Restaurant


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