January tweets


Minus retweets using the new Twitter retweet mechanism.

  • Michelangelo was not a workaholic: http://wp.me/pIhhi-9s
  • Metaflammation: how inflammation triggered by energy metabolism leads to insulin resistance: http://bit.ly/9ggb8a
  • @stevemeier853 “At the highest power density, 210 KW cm-2, the graphene 2D-derived temperature reaches 1050K.” http://bit.ly/bUBkir
  • RT @djaroszewski Graphene Transistors that Work at Blistering Speeds. http://bit.ly/9ZC657 #eda
  • The high cost of fungible software developers: http://wp.me/pIhhi-9o
  • “USPTO Orders Reexamination of HP’s Memristor Patent” http://bit.ly/aoWjh9
  • UVM “insanely tight deadlines”? http://bit.ly/btvoWI #EDA #Accellera
  • Are you a productive member of society? http://wp.me/pIhhi-9e
  • “Divided attention” http://bit.ly/d39e5r “I can do something really easy, or I can do something really hard.”
  • “Watch as the Happy Pet runs and runs inside his spinning exercise wheel.” http://bit.ly/du2lDf #photo #flickr
  • Like taking candy from a baby: our war on the future ( http://wp.me/poa1G-qT )
  • “Gravity Satellites Show a Huge Groundwater Loss in California” http://digg.com/d31HZIA
  • “Formal verification with constraints It doesn’t have to be like tightrope walking” http://bit.ly/94HxPg via @krishnabala #EDA
  • @jlgray It’s relevant to the level of difficulty of changing the culture, and finding causes. If #EDA only, might be curable.
  • @jlgray Is #EDA more “secretive” http://bit.ly/bVhIJh or “paranoid” http://bit.ly/brUC1b than other engineering industries?
  • “absolutely never, never ask permission to start a revolution” http://bit.ly/5Cfd7b
  • “The Amygdala Goes Hollywood” http://bit.ly/bIktnr “What do you get when you cross an fMRI machine with the movie industry? Neurocinema”
  • Interview with Todd Sacktor about the memory molecule PKMzeta and the memory eraser ZIP: http://bit.ly/7lDuU9 via @edyong209
  • Bats live much, much longer than other small mammals: http://bit.ly/aUiYol
  • Surprising asymmetry RT @PolymerPhD Chemistry Drives Convection http://bit.ly/cBc0Xb
  • @dennisbrophy Link didn’t work for me, try http://bit.ly/9Z7c49 #EDA
  • “The dream ESL language” http://bit.ly/cKZ9i3 #EDA (VM as “stable interoperability layer between languages”)
  • @russcholetemp Although effective #systemverilog RTL can be written even without interfaces, that’d be a waste of a powerful tool.
  • @jlgray Do you mean that SV is not successful or that you disapprove of how it became successful? #EDA #SystemVerilog
  • “software virtual platforms” vs. “hardware virtual platforms” http://bit.ly/94tiTI #EDA (see also http://bit.ly/dq8fMx )
  • “One difference between art and magic is that magic can be explained.” http://bit.ly/93PCi7
  • Even managers RT @EDNmagazine US chip industry expected to be second only to retail in job declines http://bit.ly/9OXgOf #EDA
  • @karenbartleson Consider the method of Georges Simeon: http://bit.ly/9cV6Zm
  • The specific research you are doing, how will it make that dream come true? http://bit.ly/bLHoGW #HP
  • Focus first on the real needs, not on the particular means proposed to satisfy those needs. http://bit.ly/bu83xo Requirements analysis.
  • Highly “mismatched alloys are a good match for thermoelectrics”: http://digg.com/d31GxE7 #HMA
  • The real climate hoax: http://digg.com/d31GvvD
  • The next-gen electric motor: http://bit.ly/qHMLR Coming soon to an airplane near you.
  • Low salaries are a severe but necessary test of a genuine dedication to science http://bit.ly/aXMnPH
  • Update on the next-generation electric motor: http://bit.ly/qHMLR Will first be used, not in cars, but in aircraft nose wheels.
  • “Always leave home without it” RT @projournalist Spending and credit cards http://bit.ly/bd22qt
  • RT @techdelight Spasers set to sum: A new dawn for optical computing http://bit.ly/9MDrYx #EDA
  • @MaxMaxfield “over 50% of the economic value of some end-of-life electronic products is derived from the gold content” http://bit.ly/4JLf6H
  • “Resurgent Right-Wing Militias” http://digg.com/d31Gflu “The extreme right is armed, dangerous, and coming to a town near you”
  • The Lost Technology of Ancient Greek Rowing: http://bit.ly/7celGF , http://bit.ly/63jdPa
  • SystemVerilog for Design group on LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/6m5uT9 (System Verilog)
  • “People say they’re less lonely when they watch” TV: http://bit.ly/79towe
  • @bfuller9 You might be interested in http://seedmagazine.com/content/article/Trust_in_the_Twitterverse/
  • “2000s were the hottest decade on record, 2009 tied for second warmest year” http://digg.com/d31GY7g #NASA
  • #EDA standards buzzing with action: http://bit.ly/5ypbMt via @karenbartleson and @ytrivedi
  • Acetaldehyde ( http://digg.com/d31GW6P ) , poisonous alcohol breakdown product, mechanism of drinking’s health damage
  • SVA-2009 ( http://bit.ly/11Dm0c ) assertions enhancements in the revised #SystemVerilog standard #EDA
  • “Bugs Inside: What Happens When the Microbes That Keep Us Healthy Disappear?” http://digg.com/d31DtUA
  • Sit me deadly: http://bit.ly/6uKxuY
  • More details on SystemVerilog-201x listening campaign and its Feb. 26 all-day meeting near #DVCon : http://bit.ly/7RDGox #EDA
  • “The Anti-Enlightenment Tradition” http://bit.ly/5E2lxl book review
  • Why was Bobby Kennedy the platonic form of the charismatic? http://bit.ly/4KbbM4
  • “We don’t realize how much of our social system embodies solutions to our self-control problems” http://bit.ly/LqTar
  • “Spaser as nanoscale quantum generator and ultrafast amplifier” http://arxiv.org/abs/0908.3559
  • Graphene produced epitaxially on silicon carbide: http://bit.ly/6FqvVR #EDA
  • @rickjamison Is “the #EDA engineering community .. the most paranoid and insular of all”? http://bit.ly/513eTl
  • Repetition, not truth: http://bit.ly/4rlcRj
  • @whitehouseostp Science and Engineering Indicators 2010 (a sci/eng report card) released by Nat’l Science Board … http://go.usa.gov/lbW
  • RT @drgrist The looting myth has dominated media coverage of disasters since 50s, esp. when victims are black. http://bit.ly/6JQRkN
  • Pencil tip of the long now: http://bit.ly/8WciTE
  • “Time for America to repay Haiti’s historic gift to us” http://digg.com/d31Fqig
  • The secret of fascism — ┬áits siren song of magic thinking: http://bit.ly/6HX8sT
  • The enemy of insight? http://bit.ly/5CUHFz
  • Let your mind wander near the fire: http://bit.ly/4zYP9R
  • “True compassion is more than flinging a coin to a beggar.” http://bit.ly/GDCE1 #MLK
  • The career importance of speaking up: http://bit.ly/xaNVa
  • Zinsser on “Writing English as a Second Language” http://bit.ly/7kII5L
  • Why Harry blogs: http://bit.ly/5yK8gl @harrytheASICguy #EDA
  • “organized greed always defeats disorganized democracy” http://bit.ly/7QA4pQ
  • Of those to whom much is given, dont expect much: http://bit.ly/6S4EM0
  • RT @physorg_com Online poker study: The more hands you win, the more money you lose http://bit.ly/5FOaQi
  • Start-up visas: reforming USA’s EB-5 visa system ( http://bit.ly/5OF81s )
  • John Aynsley on #VMM 1.2 http://bit.ly/676SoF via @aijnsleij #EDA
  • Global warming yes, your house really is on fire: http://bit.ly/6tgwlW
  • Sorry, Mother Earth, but Warren Buffett needs more money: http://bit.ly/7Nccqu
  • China will soon lead world in scientific output: http://bit.ly/6Jfxdh
  • The illusion that you are better than them: http://bit.ly/5O4mYH
  • US school lunch programs obesity and hunger: http://bit.ly/6Ks4zS
  • Renewable energys Achilles heel Americas aging electrical transmission system: http://bit.ly/56rF1P
  • The only lever you have to change the world is to change yourself: http://bit.ly/5LKUfb
  • Get smart get happy! http://bit.ly/8d4Uwn
  • December tweets: http://bit.ly/7YbSeO
  • The meaning in our mistake: http://bit.ly/7i7xyG
  • Root cause analysis: http://bit.ly/8Gk8Fn
  • The first year the leaves turned red: http://bit.ly/4nNwXB
  • Last-minute leads to disaster: http://bit.ly/7CKBc5
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