The high cost of fungible software developers


[tweetmeme source=”blogbrut”]According to Bjarne Stroustrup

Industry wants to rely on tried-and-true tools and techniques, but is also addicted to dreams of “silver bullets,” “transformative breakthroughs,” “killer apps,” and so forth. They want to be able to operate with minimally skilled and interchangeable developers guided by a few “visionaries” too grand to be bothered by details of code quality. This leads to immense conservatism in the choice of basic tools (such as programming languages and operating systems) and a desire for monocultures (to minimize training and deployment costs). In turn, this leads to the development of huge proprietary and mutually incompatible infrastructures: Something beyond the basic tools is needed to enable developers to produce applications and platform purveyors want something to lock in developers despite the commonality of basic tools. Reward systems favor both grandiose corporate schemes and short-term results. The resulting costs are staggering, as are the failure rates for new projects.

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