Last-minute leads to disaster


Behind the wheel of a car, last-minute leads to disaster, or at least dramatically worsens your odds for a happy, safe outcome.

Leave enough lead time to get there early. Racing around, cutting corners in an automobile is death and mayhem waiting to happen.

In the country where I live (USA) over 40,000 people are killed in auto accidents each year. I’d be surprised if there were any adult in the USA who didn’t personally know at least one such victim. I sure did. So needless and wasteful.

Do you want something like that on your conscience for the rest of your life just because you’re running late? Is making your appointment worth putting somebody in a wheelchair or in a coma?

Or, if it’s really so important, then surely it’s important enough to justify leaving a few minutes before the last minute?

I’m not claiming that the self-discipline to plan your departure time rationally will by itself prevent all car accidents, which can also result from anger, intoxication, sleep deprivation, poor maintenance, distraction, etc.. But it’d be a good start.


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