Fasting and jet lag


I commented about fasting and jet lag here that

Dan, according to this, fasting before and during a long flight can help fight jet lag.

I experienced evidence of this on a smoky, uncomfortable flight to Milano some years ago. I was in a bad mood for other reasons, and declined any food. But later I noticed that I felt unusually good. I conjectured at the time that the spontaneous fasting had helped, but never followed up, because in a normal mood, fasting sounds pretty unpleasant.

Maybe I’ll give it a try next time I travel.

Regarding the moral dilemma of long-distance travel in the days of melting ice and ocean acidification, see here.

By the way, there I commented

Liz Reason, I have don’t have any of my “own flesh and blood” children. Do you think that means I care less about this planet than those who are members of that club?

And if you have children, may I inquire of you how you justify those carbon footprints?

Self-serving, yes, but also a real issue. Few actions would help the Earth more than making contraception more widely available and used in the US.

For a Darwinian theory of hypocrisy, see here.


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