“It is easy to be widely published but much more difficult to be widely read.”


According to the Claremont Report on Database Research, CACM June 2009, p. 65,

In addition to tuning the mainstream publication venues, there is an opportunity to take advantage of other channels of communication. For example, the database research community has had little presence in the relatively active market for technical books. Given the growing population of developers working with big data sets, there is a need for accessible books on scalable data-management algorithms and techniques that programmers can use to build software. The current crop of college textbooks is not targeted at this market. There is also an opportunity to present database research contributions as big ideas in their own right, targeted at intellectually curious readers outside the specialty. In addition to books, electronic media (such as blogs and wikis) can complement technical papers by opening up different stages of the research life cycle to discussion, including status reports on ongoing projects, concise presentation of big ideas, vision statements, and speculation. Online fora can also spur debate and discussion if appropriately provocative. Electronic media underscore the modern reality that it is easy to be widely published but much more difficult to be widely read. This point should be reflected in the mainstream publication context, as well as by authors and reviewers. In the end, the consumers of an idea define its value.


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