Depriving your brain of sleep is like taking out a payday loan


You can’t buy anything with sleep. It’s a bogus deal, like a payday loan.

Just look at yourself after a full, good night’s sleep and the magic of “beauty sleep” is obvious.

See also, “Working yourself sick has lousy ROI“.

Of course, sleep quality matters, too. According to David J. Tenenbaum

In sleep apnea, the airway temporarily closes, causing partial awakenings that drain sleep of its restorative function. Among many other effects, apnea raises the blood pressure and causes drowsiness, car accidents, and difficulties with memory, thinking and decisions.

Apnea strikes an estimated 3 to 5 percent of Americans and is more common among the old and the obese. Most people are unaware of the condition, although their bed partners may notice the repeated starts and stops of breathing.

According to this there is

Huge ignorance among parents and children surrounding how much sleep youngsters should actually get. The importance of adequate sleep to a child’s development should be regarded in the same breath as a healthy diet and good exercise regime.

Credit: Wikipedia Commons


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