Fretting may make you feel good, but it doesn’t do any good


According to Graham Bunting

Our circle of influence becomes larger the more we focus our attention on matters that we can control and manage directly. Our circle of influence diminishes and withers the more we focus our attention toward those matters that are outside our control, yet for many of us, this circle of concern as Covey calls it, occupy so much of our thoughts. Turn on the TV, switch on the radio, or pick up a magazine or newspaper and the overwhelming message is we should all worry because of the recession. Well I reckon Covey was absolutely right and I for one will be focusing in my attention right where I can impact, and give over none of my attention to thoughts that concern. Afterall, if simply worrying is going to fix it, I’m sure we’d all be there.

Agreed. Reading and worrying about the issues of the day can give the pleasant illusion of being an activist, when all you really are is Walter Mitty.



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