Another empathy deficit


Regarding “Climate change and the empathy deficit” I wrote

There’s also an empathy deficit on the part of many who are working to stop climate destruction. I feel they too seldom put themselves into the minds of the people they wish to convince, but instead act as if what they believe today should just seem obviously true to others, even though they themselves didn’t always feel so certain about all this, and even though a sense of certainty has been proved by their own life experience to be a fallible measure of correctness.

For example, maybe raising the fear level is counterproductive if one wants action instead of denial? For example, maybe most people take their clues about what’s right and normal from observing the society around them? For example, maybe some believe that the changes are real but not caused by human behavior or that such changes are part of God’s plan?

Maybe calm, loving, empathetic listening sessions with those who aren’t “willing to make substantive changes to how they live” would teach much about how they think and what might move them.



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